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Training Log

The Training Log is designed to be filled out every day while you are training or immediately after training. I have noticed that many of you are still struggling to write goals on the goal board each week. This document, in conjunction with your program, is designed to develop your mental preparation skills as a weightlifter and to give you a space to reflect on why you are pursuing weightlifting each and every day. Answering these questions each and every training session provides the qualitative data that is often lacking in your Google Docs. This document also gives you a space to record your top “priorities” for each week and each session. Having priorities at the top of mind is of the utmost importance to keep each of us in a positive mindset during Practice. Actively writing down our priorities will help you to create a weekly goal to share with the team each week on our goal board.
This Training Log will be required to be filled out by our lifters who are on our National Team. The National Team requirement is simple: You compete in, not just qualify for, at least one National level meet per year with TSS Barbell. National level include those competing in the AO Series or higher level competitions. Beginning next week, I will be providing a space in your Google Doc to log this information.
At the start of every new cycle, the National team members will receive a complimentary two hour planning session with myself or Brittany to discuss the upcoming qualitative and quantitative goals we have for each cycle. These sessions will be treated as planning sessions and the goals that are discussed in these sessions will be logged in a separate Google Doc for each athlete. These sessions may be completed at the gym, remotely via Skype or phone, or off-site at a coffee shop or similar space. If the Training Log is not filled out by the lifter for each session in their Google Doc leading up to the Planning Session, the Planning Session will be billed and is still required. So, National Level Lifters, beginning next week, PLEASE pay attention to your new Training Log requirements.
Many of you in this group can still benefit from completing the Training Log for each of your training sessions. If you are NOT on the National Team, but would like to have this document added in to your programming, please comment below. If you are completing the Training Log and would like to also schedule a two hour Planning Session each cycle to sit down and discuss your goals with your coach, this option is open to anyone. The cost per planning session will be $50 and will be billed via Square and scheduled like a private.

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