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Video Analysis

Hey guys! I wanted to make a quick post about video analysis for all TSS athletes:

1. Please do not text or email training videos. Please send training videos directly to your coach on Facebook messenger.

2. We will take between 24 and 48 hours to analyze your videos. On a typical day, I spend approximately two hours analyzing training videos before I go to bed (hence all of the 2:00 AM messages). I start back at the oldest videos and work my way forwards for two hours. If I do not respond right away, it’s because I accidentally opened your videos and I need more time to write a thoughtful critique back to you.

3. IN HOUSE ATHLETES ($65 for programming per month) are limited to 10 videos per week. REMOTE ATHLETES ($100 per month) are limited to 20 videos per week.

4. Please send two to three videos at a time so we can get you feedback sooner. If you send all 10, you will be likely be the only person who receives video coaching that day.

5. I often give a TON of feedback per video. If you are feeling overwhelmed, sending one to two videos at a time may be better than sending me eight videos of six different exercises.

6. Please film all exercises at a 45 degree angle unless otherwise noted in your programming.

7. If you have questions about which movements to film, please Facebook message your coach directly or send us an email at

Thanks guys!

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