Implementing Proper Diet Lifestyle

At TSS Nutrition, we don’t believe in using the word “diet” for our clients: A diet is viewed as a “quick fix” and something that you only need until you lose weight or fit into a weight class. At TSS Nutrition, we teach our clients how implement a healthy approach to nutrition as a lifestyle (so yes, have some greens and eat your cake, too). We pride ourselves on not only coaching, but educating our athletes on how to make healthy changes for the long game. At TSS Nutrition, we not only transform our athlete’s relationship with food and training, but how they view themselves.

We are in the business of creating a sustainable lifestyle that is beyond a “summer bod.” We pride ourselves on being educators and understand that every client needs to be handled in a very specific way that is tailored to their life.

We have a team of coaches that provide the freedom of macro coaching and the constraints of meal plans. We cater to soldiers, medical personnel, busy single moms, and college athletes.

We pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients and require consistency and honesty. Whatever your journey is, we are here to help: This could be anywhere from losing those 10 pounds, to feeling better when you look into the mirror, fitting into that weight class to qualify for nationals, or even finally gaining some weight.



The only thing you need to bring to the table is 100% dedication- We take care of the rest.


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