So, you’re thinking about joining the team? Let’s roll!

Please open the link below to view our current membership options. We understand that some of these options may need to be examined and discussed more thoroughly after your initial gym consultation and Empire Elite Team On-Boarding sessions (required for all new contract memberships).

More information and documentation for our Under 20 Scholarship Athlete Program will be coming in January 2021. We are not accepting drop-ins due to COVID-19 restrictions at this time. The best way to set up your initial consultation session is  contact us through our contact form or give us a call or text at (210) 478-0044.

We are currently limiting our gym capacity to no more than fifty in-house members per week and no more than ten members at one time in the physical location. We  have a three to five week wait-list for new member on-boarding and initial consultations (less evening availability). That all being said, I can always find time for a quick call to tell you more about our growing program (updated December 10th, 2020).

-Coach Jilly Jaworske

February 2021 Pricing Restructure Empire Elite